Our Story

How it all started...

The Lubbock Area Baptist Association voted to establish Redbud Baptist Church to fill a void left in northwest Lubbock from an abandoned church made available to the association.
          At the request of the Lubbock Area Baptist Association, Highland Baptist Church served as the sponsoring church for the purpose of receiving members into the fellowship of the mission. Murray Brewer was called as interim pastor.
The mission called Rev. Billy Lacy to be its first pastor.  He and his wife, Joyce, moved to the field December 2, 1979.  There were fewer than 50 members when Rev. Lacy became pastor.  In one service, the morning of December 21, 1979, 26 persons were added to the fellowship either by statement or by letter.  The membership grew to approximately 400 by 1981.  The names of 378 people were presented at the organizational service on Sunday, June 28, 1981 as charter members.  Rev. Lacy served as pastor until November, 1988.
Redbud called Rev. Joe Ainsworth as pastor in May of 1989. Arnold Tanner served as Music Minister from 1980 to 1990 when he resigned to become a full-time partnership Missions coordinator for International Missions.  Redbud has had a number of other part-time and full-time staff members who all served the Lord with dedication and effectiveness.
Redbud has always had a heart for missions from its inception.  It has supported the starting of churches in Lubbock including what is now South Park Baptist Church.  It has supported missions both in America and abroad.
Rev. Joe Ainsworth served as pastor until March 2002. Redbud called Rev. Gary Baird began as pastor in January of 2003.  He served as pastor until August of 2005.  Shon Wagner served as pastor from 2004 to 2015.
Redbud then called Rev. Carlos Hinojos as pastor in April 2016 .  He is joined by James Taylor as Minister of Education, Gershom Garcia as Minister of Music,  Shane Spencer as Minister of Youth,  Sylvia Hinojos as Children's Coordinator, and Susie Adams as Business Admin.

Expanding the vision...

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