Plug In

“Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order to provide for urgent needs and not live unproductive lives” – Titus 3:14

  • VBS Volunteer

In a church the size of Redbud there should be no reason for people to be overwhelmed by doing a VBS program. If we depend on just a few people to do all the work, then we get burned out. Virginia is looking for several people to be assistants in each of the areas. She currently has the leaders for each area. Please contact Virginia Spencer to volunteer to help in this year’s VBS! Just seeing the children and their excitement towards the Lord is so rewarding. You will need to fill out a form for a background check.(contact the office for her contact information 806-799-3832)

  • VBS Decorations Team

Decorations allow us to change the atmosphere of the church to the place child has not gone before… It allows them to stop the daily distractions and get caught up in some were different. In this different world, they will have time to learn about God and maybe even have a personal encounter with Him. Decorations do not happen by chance, it is imagination, creativity, followed by planning and then work!  You do not have to be creative or an artist to help with the team, just be willing to work and follow instructions and have fun. Please see Adryana Aguirre if you want to help (contact the office for her contact information 806-799-3832).

  • Welcome Center Team

The Welcome Center area is a very important part of having an effective ministry at church. A visitor needs to feel welcome, needs information about the church and also needs directions to where they need to go. In addition, the welcome center is a communication hub for the members as well. We need people to volunteer who are outward reaching, excited to meet people, willing to be trained and who are dependable. This takes discipline and obedience. Volunteers who are selected for the team will be filling in a shift of the welcome center every other week. They will actually only miss Sunday School one time out of every four weeks. They will be required to keep up with their Sunday school lessons, quiet time and Bible study. Please see Carolyn Balderaz or James Taylor if you want to help (contact the office for her contact information 806-799-3832).