Young Adults

A going class, growing disciples

Make Disciples! Our young adult and college ministry is dubbed “The Crossroads”. The young adult years are a time of great upheaval, with massive changes in responsibilities, expectations, and family roles. We want to provide a church family that is consistent, and one that can be depended on when a young adult is struggling. We want the young adults coming to Lubbock for school to know that they have a home here. We even have monthly open socials and a yearly retreat just to refresh our spirits in communion with God and each other.

Mature Disciples! In Sunday morning class we focus on learning the Bible and its applications in our lives, and in Wednesday evening Bible study we delve deeper into particular mysteries in the Bible and the world around us. We want to learn about God, know about His expectations and blessings, and learn to share His love with each other and the world around us.

Mobilize Disciples! We do service in our community, particularly for the elderly and infirm. We also occasionally give out pizza or pass out flyers on and around college campuses to inform the young adults there about upcoming events and to invite them to our class.

The door is open to you, our hearts have room for you, and we have reserved you a seat at the table. Take advantage of all the things Redbud can offer, and we will promise to welcome you to your new home, to your Lubbock family, and to real, involved learning about the Creator, the Son, and the Spirit.

We hope to see you soon.

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