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      You see new faces at Redbud, but the attendance numbers come in the same, week after week. Maybe it’s  at or around 150, but no matter how much you try you cannot break past that number.
      Well, you’re not alone. I’ve worked with hundreds of pastors over the last 20 years to better understand the plateaus of church growth—and how to break past them.
      It’s not about just ‘working harder’ or ‘preaching better.’ And it’s not a gimmicky outreach strategy that gets people in the door but can’t keep them there. Rather, it’s a series of a few tried-and-true changes that will help get you from where you are to where God has called you to be.
      Let's grow Redbud together!
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    • 9 months, 3 weeks ago

       Randall Balderaz

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      Rules of this forum: Respect the opinions of others. Chances are, at some point, you'll disagree with others who post in the forum. That's okay. Agree to disagree. Don't resort to name-calling or trying to out-slander anyone else. Even if you "win," you risk being viewed as the forum bully. Stay away from flame wars. Some people enjoy participating in forums just to throw flames and incite anger. Ignore those people, and they will be removed. Joining them will just give them what they want, and they'll continue. Make sure you are polite and respectful at all times.   Remember We Are Family and We Love Each Other!
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