Weekly Schedule


9:30 AM     Sunday School

10:45 AM   Morning Worship

4:00 PM     Prayer Team

4:30 PM     Youth and Games – FUEL!

5:00 PM     Bible Drill – Children

5:00 PM     Evening Worship



9:30 AM     Ladies Bible Study in the Library

1-4 PM      Christ’s Clothes Closet

1-4 PM      Christ’s Cupboard

6:30 PM     Visitation (First Tuesday and third Tuesday of the Month and 5:30 PM Meal)

6:30 PM     Daniel Plan (Second and Fourth Tuesday of the month)



10:00 AM   Quilting for Children’s Advocacy   (1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month)

5:45 PM     Children’s Choir

6:30 PM     R.A.’s & G.A.’s

6:30 PM     Wired/Youth

6:30 PM     Bible Study

7:40 PM Crossroads – Young Adults



9:30 AM     Primetimers

7:00 PM     Worship Choir Rehearsal



10:00 AM    Women on Mission (2nd Saturday of the month)

8:30 AM      Men’s Breakfast  (3rd Saturday of the month)

See the Redbud Calendar for more up-to-date schedule!        Our nursery is open for Newborn to Kindergarten.